His Process

Specializing in two distinct landscape disciplines—the wilderness and the city—Robert’s goal is to translate these backdrops into inspirational, highly detailed, fine art prints by capturing the unique aesthetic elements as each one unfolds through his lens. Like every other aspect of life, his photography itself is a constantly evolving journey. So too is the process by which Robert embarks upon each excursion. Even though he always has a basic idea of where his destination will be— each trip begins with a plan, based on the facing direction of the subject, and then planning the timing of the natural light accordingly. Followed by a cross-country flight and Taxi ride to the storage facility where he keeps his motorcycle and riding gear-He gets changed, packs his camera gear onto his motorcycle and heads for the open road.

The excitement and personal satisfaction that Robert gets from each trip doesn’t come from arriving at the destinations themselves, but from the discoveries he encounters along the way as the seemingly ordinary becomes the extraordinary. The juxtaposition of natural light, conceptual maneuvering and the mystery of the unknown; this is what shapes his process as he combines these elements to capture each subject, which he currently photographs in 35mm digital, medium format film and digital,  printed on high gloss archival paper designed to yield high resolution for large format printing..

From Colorado mountain passes, the canyons of Utah, the California coastline to the vast deserts of Arizona and Nevada, these are just some of his recent excursions where each photographic opportunity has been as unique as the locations themselves. Ditto when it comes to the architectural wonderment of New York City, where Robert also frequently takes pictures when he’s not traveling out west. As a photographer, he hopes that his work will serve as a source of ongoing artistic enjoyment, while also symbolically encouraging others to step out of their comfort zone and explore life’s adventures. 

All Images are in limited editions. Please call or email for pricing. Thank you.