About Robert

My entrepreneurial management career started in 1982. Since then, I have started, built, run, and successfully exited three different companies in four different industries: grounds design, construction and maintenance, road and site construction, mining and manufacturing.

My passion for business was fired up upon creation of my first company, a Landscape design, construction and maintenance company. Within 2 short years, I established a long list of highly desirable clientele. During that time, I was approached by a much larger local company in my area and was asked if I wanted to sell my business…. Which I did, and went on to building my next company.

Over the next 11 years, with the guidance from a few successful mentors, I built a construction company that specialized in site work, drainage, asphalt paving and concrete. It wasn’t only the experience of building that company that taught me some very crucial business skills, but the value of mentorship became firmly implanted and became a way of life.  My company ultimately performed work for some of the most prestigious residential and largest commercial clients on Long Island. The company was sold in 1994.

1995 was the beginning of the largest, and most diverse company that I created. A stone mining and manufacturing company, which was two companies in one. After spotting a niche in the industry, it was full speed ahead for business development.

Companies such as Apple, Harvard University, The Smithsonian Institute, Rutgers University, Colgate Palmolive, Yale University, Corning Glass, Princeton University, The Dakota Apartment Building NYC and many other institutions and historical Buildings went on to become proud owners of my products. My company was known for the highest quality material in the industry, thanks to implementing some key operational strategies. Focusing on systems enabled the company to go well beyond industry standard in profitability. The company was sold in December of 2016.

Business is my passion. With my diverse background, I can help leaders of other companies see their opportunities, implement solutions and become more profitable.

Please call me directly at 212-729-4321 to find out how I can help.

A little personal info:

  • Developed the first scientific, environmentally-friendly mineral exploration process for one of New York State’s most valuable minerals.
  • Designed, built and patented an invention for finishing stone products
  • Became an instrument-rated aerobatic pilot with 1000 hours of flight time in over 20 different types of aircraft
  • Certified explosives instructor
  • World class pistol shooter-ranked # 6 in the USA for two years
  • Adventure & landscape photographer
  • Amateur astronomer
  • Certified advanced scuba diver
  • Solid intermediate tennis player
  • Avid intermediate skier
  • Builder of multiple homes, including his own on 100 acres with airport and tennis court
  • Many other professional and personal achievements

I believe in doing things that are in the best interest of the business, and will put a lot of work into discovering those things. I back everything up with facts and proof, and that’s the scientist in me. I also like to teach — and teach people to teach. These are the things that have developed the culture in my companies… We all perform to a very high standard and enjoy the results. I set the bar for that.

Robert Bellospirito