Provided serious results

“We began working with Robert Bellospirito through a recommendation as we were going through some acquisitions. There were two different companies with different issues that Robert worked with us on for over a year that I would like to point out.

One of the companies was disorganized, and had problems delivering products on time. Robert immediately began to get to know everyone in the company that had involvement in these areas. Quickly, he began to go through a process of developing strategic plans for goal setting, support and accountability, while understanding what people needed to accomplish their goals. Then, he went on and changed our practices around resource management. That company showed a drastic improvement in performance within a couple weeks, and was a complete turnaround in a matter of months.

The other company had customer issues which translated into a lack of orders. Robert helped develop an in-depth customer retention program, along with a marketing plan to broaden the customer base. Over the next 6 months, we saw our order backlog increase dramatically, which translated into profitability. Robert is an expert in these areas, and his ability to see what companies really need provided serious results.”

T. Sandhu

President, The Sandhu Group LLC